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Logging Insurance in Portsmouth, OH, Chillicothe, OH and Surrounding Areas

Logging is an important part of the Southeastern Ohio economy, and logging insurance is a vital part of maintaining a successful logging business in Portsmouth and surrounding areas. Insurance protects you while you’re moving equipment, while you and your employees are logging, and during every step of the logging process. Logging insurance from Glockner Insurance also provides specialized coverage for equipment on split jobsites and insurance coverage for mills.

Portsmouth, OH Based Agents Providing Quick and Accurate Logging Insurance Quotes

Agents Ralph Cartee and Candee Blevins specialize in writing logging insurance, and provide clients with quick and accurate quotes. As an agency, we have chosen to write business through one of the carriers that provide the best coverages for logging insurance, North American Timber Program (NATP). We encourage you to speak to Ralph regarding logging and sawmills, or Candee about log-hauling-truck risks. Both are eager to educate clients on the wide range of providers and the personalized service we offer to every customer.

Logging Insurance Features

Logging insurance written by Glockner Insurance covers almost all steps of the logging process, from commercial property insurance to cover equipment used during cutting and skidding, to commercial auto insurance for loaded and stacked log trucks. Through our carefully selected carriers, we are able to write insurance for the sawmill industry, chipping mills, veneer plants, and flooring, treating, and manufacturing facilities, among others.


Our agents are familiar with the different methods and steps of the logging process—including tree‑length logging and stem harvest, whole tree logging, and cut‑to‑length logging—and help clients determine the right level of coverage based on the amount of risk each method presents. Our logging insurance offers a full range of protection, sporting coverages like workers compensation insurance that protect your employees, and others like commercial general liability insurance that protect your livelihood.

Glockner: Your Best Choice for Logging Insurance Coverage

Candee and Ralph always take the time to review client’s information and file necessary documents. For large-scale operations, one of them will plan a visit to explore and assess the facility. Finally, Candee or Ralph will develop a plan tailored to the business, with the ultimate goal being to broker the best insurance coverage for your company.

To learn more, email Ralph, email Candee, or request a quote to get started.

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